Mughals came to India in the 16th century, and with them, they have brought their finest culture, arts, & craftsmen. These skilled craftsmen redefined the gold jewelry and art of ornamentation during this time.

In that era, jewelry was the symbol of power and wealth. The royal family members wore heavy gold jewelry to show off their status to the people. Many Mughal Emperors married Rajput Princesses, thereby bringing Rajput craftsmen into the Mughal fold. Amalgamated jewelry design was then introduced, which marked the combination of Mughal and Rajput styles.

Mughal Collection


Unlike traditional Indian stonework crafted by the ancient Indians, Mughals brought their own techniques of handling gemstones.  The rough-cut stone necklaces and jade thick-set toe rings are still adored by people today. Besides that fine Jali-Work, there are many other designs that have influenced people to wear them.

At that time, these Mughal pieces of jewelry were celebrated throughout Northern India. But now Mughal collections have crossed international borders. This type of style is being loved and worn in the west as well.


1. Jewelry is an excellent conversation starter. An eye-catching piece of jewelry will definitely break the ice in a crowd. Your taste in unique finds says a lot about you-- especially when there are thousands of collections and latest designs to choose from.

2. Nothing works its magic more in women than jewelry does. Mughal jewelry will help to bring out your inner beauty. So, let your beauty shine as bright as your jewelry.

Antique Mughal Jewelry

3. Your jewelry and your fashion are definitely the best way to introduce yourself. The jewelry becomes your style statement. So, pick your jewelry accordingly such that it reflects your inner beauty and sense of style.

4. Antique Mughal jewelry will help you look extraordinary among the ordinary in just a few seconds. Who knows, you may become regarded as a trendsetter!

modern mughal jewelry


5. Jewelry will make your special moments all the more special. It will add to your amazing memories and will also help make those pictures and selfies come out great!

6. Mughal jewelry definitely makes a statement. Remember, the fashion vibe that you spread through your jewelry will add to your self-confidence.

The bridal collection

7. Mughal jewelry is not your ordinary jewelry. It will not only complete your outfit, it will give you a glamorous look that’s hard to beat.

8. Jewelry helps add class to your style. Whenever you wear beautiful jewelry, you will feel classier. After all, Mughal jewelry carries with it a look of royalty. Make your special occasions even more special with a look of classic elegance!

Modern Mughal Jewelry

 9. Mughal jewelry is the perfect combination of traditional, yet modern.  It can go perfectly well with all your traditional outfits, but you can rock it with that favorite dress you have hanging in your closet.

10. It’s no secret when you look good, you feel good. So take a chance on this bold and glamorous style, and you’ll be sure to feel the same!

Modern Mughal jewelry isn’t just an accessory, it’s a style. So, don’t just be a follower, be a trendsetter. Check out our Mughal Jewelry now!