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One of the most versatile and beautiful pieces I own! It goes with everything and I never leave the house without it.

Shiza P.

Love everything that Elegant Heritage Finds has to offer.  Whenever you are wearing their pieces, people notice it and compliment you.  It’s worth every penny that you spend on it.

Alya A.

Elegant Heritage Finds has the most distinctive collection of jewelry. I bought this necklace from their Turkish collection and wore it on a tv show.  I got so many compliments on it that now I look for opportunities to wear it!! Absolutely love it !! Looking forward to more of such finds!! 

A very happy client! Alka A.

I received a clutch from Elegant Heritage Finds as a gift, and it’s easily the most unique clutch I have. The detail and color on the piece are beautiful, making it a great accessory to any outfit. It’s also quite functional as the size of the bag is perfect in holding everything you could need. I would recommend shopping with Elegant Heritage Finds not just to find elegant accessories, but very unique ones as well.


I have purchased two glass pieces, and I am very happy with them. Both have the London skyline on them. One is blue with a grey skyline and another is red with a gold London skyline.  The red glass piece was purchased for my mother in law who is English. She was thrilled to receive it as a Christmas gift.  Thank you!

Laurie F.